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Christina darty

Christina Darty is the daughter of David Canzoneri.  She attended Texas A&M University-Commerce on the honors scholarship and graduated with a BFA in Painting.  She now lives in Commerce with her husband Jake.   After working with young kids for many years, she is excited to use her artistic ability to create "Brush Your Little Pearly Whites" which stems from her own childhood.  She and her siblings always enjoyed singing the tooth brushing song with their dad.  Her delightfully playful pictures are a perfect fit for "Brush Your Little Pearly Whites."  Watch for more from Christina in the future!

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debora Schubert lytle

Debora Schubert Lytle lives northwest of Cumby, Texas but hails from the west Texas town of Sweetwater.  An alumni of Texas A&M - Commerce and retired art teacher, Debora has created a full-time art business painting a variety of subjects, but is mostly known for her portrait work.

Her portrait art includes academic, corporate, and family commissions.  Many of her distinguished commissions are from Texas A&M University - Commerce including: Dr. Keith McFarland, President Emeritus; Dr. Jerry D. Morris, President Emeritus; Mr. F.H. McDowell, President Emeritus; Dr. D.A. Talbot, III, Professor Emeritus; and Dr. Maxwell Lacy English Professor Emeritus.

Life is worth celebrating and Debora's purpose and mission is to help others celebrate life or honor someone through her art.  "Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well." - Vincent Van Gogh.

You may contact Debora at:
Debora Schubert Lytle
274 CR 4734
Cumby, TX  75433
(903) 456-1821