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Cepilla Tus Perlitas Blancas is the delightful story of a game a father and son play each night at tooth-brushing time. The father brushes and uncovers layers of color on his son's teeth! He asks what in the world his son ate that was that color with hilarious results. Christina Darty's whimsical illustrations delightfully capture the playful interaction between father and son. (Christina is David Canzoneri's daughter. Check out her bio under the "About" tab on this website.) 

You will want to play this game with your kids at tooth-brushing time. They will delight in thinking of all the things they could have eaten for each color. There is only one problem, though: once kids begin playing this game, they may never want to stop. Most parents will agree that when it comes to brushing teeth, that is a good problem to have.  

( 8.5 x 11 | Hardback $18.47 )

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